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in Erfurt, Germany in 1979, DJMOK first made contact with the Electronic Music scene & Culture in 1994 in clubs around Erfurt and Thuringen. This was the time when raves were getting bigger and starting to spread like a virus throughout East Germany.

As somebody who was born behind the iron curtain, the new underground/music scene and lifestyle of the early 90's techno-movement amazed and attracted him much.
Fascinated by electronic music and techno culture, DJMOK started DJing in 1995, in the bloom of the Techno movement in Germany.
The feeling of playing to people and the crowd’s encouraging feedback made a big impression on him, this was the special feeling that gave him power to continue with djing even without money for his own equipment, having to play at friend’s places.
Playing at many private parties and local clubs in Erfurt and Thuringen, he made more and more a name as a dj with many sides and a matchless style.
His friends and audience remarked his talent in mixing and encouraged him in gaining more experience as a dj.
He quickly developed his unique style that combines deep, tech, electro, progressive- house, techno and his typical “party-style”, which regularly brings about euphoria to his audience.
Playing at many private parties and local clubs in Erfurt and Thuringen, he made a name as a dj with many sides and a matchless style, which is full of references to - House/Techno, Detroit techno electro-pop & High Quality Electronic Music,
Inspired by the diversity of electronic music and his eagerness to show this culture to the public, Karsten began organizing parties. In 1999, dj Nadia Czock and DJMOK launched the open air event series called “Kopfsport”, and established ''Verein zur Förderung Elektronischer Tanzmusik e.V.”, a society for electronic dance music and culture. These events gave upcoming talents of the region an opportunity to present themselves, but also many well-known artists performed here such as Kazu Kimura (Australia/Tokyo), Dimi Dee (Greece), Technotourist (Frankfurt) and Sven Uk & Mirko Sauer (Erfurt/Germany).
DJMOK does exactly what a good dj is recognized for: he is always in control of the mood of his crowd, he take his audience out of their everyday lives and lightens them up. Anyone who has seen him behind the decks can tell how much he feels for music and how deeply he expresses these feelings.
Karsten is a person for whom music is everything – culture, lifestyle, state of mind; and who believes that for every feeling/emotion we have – there..s a sound for it.
Being a synthesizer lover who grew up with the synth music of the 80's that made him fall in love with the warm analog sound, DJMOK consequently grew interest in producing music after a while. In 2000 he started experimenting with Rebirth, Cubase and Reason, his 1st music software..s and began producing his own tracks in 2002. Since 2005 he is dedicating more time to producing.
Returning to Rotterdam on a regular basis for the finals of the Bootleg DJ Contest, DJMOK felt refreshed by the fresh and diverse electronic scene in Rotterdam, a bit of a getaway from the German minimal hype. Soon after winning the year final in 2006 of the Bootleg DJ contest, Karsten decided to move to the Netherlands.
Currently based in Rotterdam, he is a resident at the Bootleg DJ Café and runs since 2006 the Body Mechanic project, in collaboration with DJ Elcasa. presently he works on a new event concept with his German – Dutch artist connection and works hard to bring out his frst release in 2009.

DJMOK is a person for whom music is everything – culture, lifestyle, a state of mind; and who believes that every tune has a message. So be open minded and don’t expect things all the time, just listen to as much different music styles as possible…because for every feeling there is a style of music…
music is like a day, a week, a life - it starts, ends, goes slow or fast...
think about it...



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